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CHT Holdings is an innovative, forward-thinking technology company driven by its founder’s entrepreneurial passion
to create opportunities with the potential to impact the world positively.

CHT Holdings’ leadership team boasts over two decades of expertise in win-win negotiation methodologies, out-of-the-box thinking,
and an impeccable track record within the international voice carrier industry.

While the world is in the midst of an unparalleled technological revolution that will leave virtually no industry unchanged,
CHT Holdings identifies emerging technologies within the industries we serve.

Our proprietary platforms are under constant refinement as we relentlessly pursue excellence.

Our corporate culture creates a proactive environment to achieve sustainable progress and contribute
to our environment, community, and society as a whole.


Enhance our business platform to create and implement sustainable projects with a positive impact on the world.


Become a multinational group of companies leader in Social Responsibility actions worldwide.


Our business it’s about making a difference. We are about the people, the planet and our purpose as a society.

CHT Holdings’ fundamental reason for existing is to add value, increase profit, and contribute to the well-being of society through our global corporate social responsibility platform.

Our strong background in software development, computer engineering, and forward-thinking business models fuels our continuous development of technological solutions.

CHT Holdings emphatically pledges to nurture an innovation-centric corporate culture, designed to promote and develop the creativity of each team-member maximizing their ability to meet the needs of a fast-changing environment.

Continuous Improvement


With over two decades’ experience developing products within the telecommunications, educational, and social media sectors, CHT Holdings possesses the skills and knowledge to lead our team into the fascinating future of Internet of Things (IoT).

CHT Holdings is diligently works to bridge human-machine communication and mobile devices. We believe this is the key to a brighter future in which technology will close social, travel, health, educational, and access to information gaps, and create better conditions for all citizens around the world.