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Many people think that business is about the money or paying for services or products, but at CHT Holdings, it’s so much more. It’s about making things better, about making a difference. It’s our why, because it is about the people, about the planet and our purpose as a society. Our vision to become a leader in Social Responsible actions. It’s a big promise, and to make sure we put it into reality, we have a way of doing things that we call “continuous improvement with purpose”.

Now, this is not something that we made up to make us look better as a company. It’s not a label. It’s a concept that represets our new philosophy, our new way of thinking and doing things, because we can always make it better. Continuous Improvement with Purpose marks every level of our business and influences every step of our process, it helps us raise the way of doing things, because improvement is a must on a competitive world, but through a participative way at all levels and continuously, help us to build business relationships that will impact positively the lives of many, with an understanding that we can always improve with purpose, because beyond the revenue, it’s also about giving back.

At CHT Holdings, that last dimension- the improvement with purpose- is absolutely key in order to create a better everyday life for the many. We want to enhance our business platform alongside our team to create, encourage and implement projects with a positive impact on the world. We want to become a world known Multinational Group of Companies, leader in Social Responsibility actions. We want to make this planet a better place for everyone.

“Why not to jump on the field and make things better one piece at a time for the many?”

It’s not easy, but at CHT Holdings it has always been about doing things differently. After all, CHT holdings, was built by adding successful companies on a global scale, with a multicultural background of talents, with leaders, professionals, visionaries and dreamers, that have gained immense life experience and their insight firsthand to make of CHT Holdings a place where their values and their will to grow meets. It was in this spirit and context that CHT Holdings came to this momentum and founds its own vision.

The challenge is to meet all three dimensions: making the business Profitable, caring about the team and the working conditions, while caring also about the people and the planet, that is the sustainable goal. It’s hard, but thanks to Continuous improvement with purpose- and a little bit of stubbornness- it can be done. And it’s how we make a difference.

CHT Holdings executes its Corporate Social Responsibility program with the Travel For Change project, a platform created with the purpose of sharing and implementing innovative projects, focused on sustainable solutions, to provide access to water, food, housing and energy around the world.

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