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The dynamic, professional, ethical, friendly and solid company that has been known in the industry for years as a Telecommunications Specialist.

MSG Telco serves the wholesale telecommunications community as an international dynamic service provider that not only understands the market but its innovative win-win approach makes us leaders on a number of markets.

A telecoms boutique with key strong relationships and partners globally, bringing diversity of direct interconnects around the world.


An incubator of new technologies, driving by CHT’s passion to nurture and support the next generation entrepreneurs making of this a better world.

State of the art proprietary switching platform, switching, settlement, monitoring, routing, management, billing and more importantly, how to effectively process the information collected in real time in a single platform.

APPVISE is a CHT Holdings proprietary technological platform, developed with three main purposes, communication, anti-bullying system and social awareness.


A social awareness platform tailored to educational centers, students, parents and those adding value to our society by educating our children.

CHT Holdings innovative breakthrough development technology offers the dating world a new way to find your other half.

INVESTEGRA provides integrated, digitally driven support tools, database analysis and more importantly, provides support to the big data world.


Our real estate division holds CHT’s investments; we protect our investments through a rigorous acquisition process whereby we can increase value.

CHT Holdings enters the venture capital world with the commitment to maximize shareholders’ value and clients’ wealth by combing over 20 years track proven records on a new dimension business model.

CHT Holdings founder’s passion to sports seat at the core of our Holding. Our primary motive is setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our holding limits.